Thursday, June 24, 2004

10 Songs
I haven't written about music in a long time, so this is a jump-off of sorts. I'm a little late on this "what are the first 20 songs in you iPod" meme, but this is something. Here are the rules. My iTunes on random. React to first ten songs that play. No skipping the stinkers. I may only write for as long as the song plays. No pause.

Congos - “At the Feast”
Much of this record is absolutely fucking perfect, but that falsetto kind of grates on this particular track. It’s all worth it for the break-downs though. You think Lee Perry was any good at this producing shit?

KRS-One – “Brown Skin Woman”
I don’t feel comfortable enough in my racial identity to review this one properly. Primo’s beat is definitely essence of boom-bap though. I can say that, right? Can I proclaim proudly that, like the Blastmaster’s titular lady, I too am a queen not a ho?

X – “The World’s a Mess It’s In My Kiss”
X are the greatest band in the world for about one and a half songs, the back and forth anti-harmony vocals, the energy, the jitter, the grimy evocation of a particular feeling of dreary cold-war economic malaise. After that Exene’s voice and that rockabilly guitar can make you want to end things quickly. Quite a title anyway. Did you guys know she was married to Vigo Mortenson and is suing his ruggedly handsome ass for a ton of loot?

Devin the Dude – “I-Hi”
Why isn’t this guy a superstar? Can’t write much, spent the last minute and a half dancing with my girl. This may be my favorite song on this album, love that little breakdown at the end. Cocaine Blunts has props for Devin's old crew, Oddsquad, along with extensive info on the entirety of overlooked Rap-A-Lot history.

John Coltrane – “Resolution”
Fuck. I’m in no way qualified to write anything meaningful about this transcendent masterpiece, one of the greatest compositions of the 20th century. It says a lot that this gets better and deeper every time you hear it. Peace to Elvin Jones, and go see McCoy Tyner next time he’s in town, dude shoots fire out of his fingertips, and, besides, you need a lesson in dapper.

Raekwon – “Criminology”
Kung-fu rapper spits ghetto code through gold teeth. Musically, aside from the bomb-ass bridge, this might as well be an a capella, that “ding dong” sound is just taking up space.

Gun Club – “She’s Like Heroin to Me”
Awesome. This is so monumentally trashy. It ought to be required on every jukebox in every dive bar in every city in the world. Home? On the iTunes? Sober? It’s not working as much. Gun Club are what the Doors would have sounded like if after Morrison’s death they’d taken Lester Bangs’ on as creative consultant and followed his suggestion to add Elvis as lead singer.

Doc Watson – “Little Omie Wise (live)”
Is there a man alive that possesses Doc’s combo skills of finger-pickin’ prowess and haunting voice? This one’s a slow, pining, number. Makes me want to sit here and mourn something.

Spoon - “Jonathan Fisk”
A dud! It was bound to happen eventually. It’s not so bad actually, it sounds great, like T-Rex and the Psychedelic Furs banging one out in heaven. I just never connect with this stuff, emotionally you know. Perhaps Brit’s anti-social weirdness comes across in the songs.

The Shins – “Saint Simon”
Not much to add here. I love this. The melody switch is absolutely gorgeous. Someone with more time than me ought to figure out all the Catholic allusions bouncing about on this record. I get the break-up songs, but the rest is over my head.

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