Saturday, August 28, 2004

Will Break for Tweedy

My boy V had an extra Wilco ticket the other week and put an ad on Craigslist - "show up at 7pm on specified corner, dance for your ticket."
Five folks showed up, and V put the speakers in the window and started blasting some Yankee Hotel. They started swaying and lurching, doing their indie-kid best to get they grooves on. Then, around the corner came another hipster, but this guy was prepared. He threw down a ducktaped together cardboard breakdancing mat (looking like he had just assembled it in his cubicle as soon as 5 o clock rolled around.) Scrawled on the mat in big black ink, "I break for Tweedy!"
Dude was poppin' and lockin' and straight body rockin' while the other guys tried to keep dancing like it was even still a contest, which it wasn't. It was over.

Friday, August 27, 2004


Not too sure if I'm gonna keep doing thissun, but here goes some halfass for now.

The Sports Guy is probably a big fucking dork who doesn't really know why Nirvana is cooler than the Smumpkins, but he absolutely kills it when it comes to the NBA. Check his run-down of his NBATV wknd line-up, and witness true scholarship. Even though I already feel like I was there, I wanna see that shit, Anyone in NYC have NBATV and not mind me being up in your crib for 48 hrs? (Sports Guy vs. Klosterman was dope too.)

Saw Guided By Voices for free down by the river the other day. The show started at seven and the wife and I didn't even leave the studio until 8:30. We walked and got there well after 9:00 expecting to meet folks for after show beers. GBV were still rocking it though, and we actually managed to catch almost an hour of drunk-ass Pollard plowing through the hits with minimal between song banter. Lonely guys with glasses were sitting by themselves on the fringes singing along to every word, and instead of being lame it was somehow fucking awesome. I know Pollard and co. are known for their endless sets, but this felt different, like they knew they weren't gonna ever be playing NYC again and were pulling out all the stops. The band expressed their desire to get all the bad girls high, but NYPD weren't allowing anyone to even drink beer, so that was kind of a kick in the nuts.

Catchdubs is hot shit, as is Coolfer, albeit in a less renaissance-hipster and more surreptitious-industry-rebel sort of way.

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