Monday, December 20, 2004

Al l I Wanna Do Is Run a Zoom Zoom

The only thing cooler than the Zoom Quilt is the place where I found it.

When Do I Get To Kiss Halle Berry?

Big thanks to Jess over at LOSLI who has graced your good Doctor with the absurdly undeserved "Best Hip Hop Culture Blog" award. I'm not even sure this is a Hip hop Culture blog, and I'm damn skippy that it's far from the best. There's some real geniuses out there in the blogosphere, many of whom are only a click away, so hit the links to your right, y'all!

In fact, in honor of all those more deserving than I, the spirit of ODB just rushed the blog-mic...

Please calm down. O-Dub went and bought J. Smoov an outfit today that cost Diffrn't Kitch a lot of money, because Coco B'z figured that Hardly Art was gonna win. Byron don't know how you all see it, but when it comes to the children, Sho Many Scrimp is for the children. Gub'mnt Names teach the children. Tha Diabolical's Dispo is good, but Catchdubs is the best. Better'n Your'n want you all to know that this is Beats n' Rants, and EXO love you all, peace.

Jess also was kind enough to bestow sister-site Mr. Babylon with the "Best Teacher Blog" prize, and I'll be much less humble in my acceptance speech for that one if you don't mind. There are a number of good teacher blogs out there, the vast majority of which are written by people who are probably much better teaachers than is our dear Mr. B. Hombreblanco is blogging 'em to def, though. Holla!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Beverly from Accounting

The Real Air Canada

Henry Bekkering has tall hops. I like how he does the last one so nonchalantly while everyone else is still freaking out about him jumping over the guy.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Dirty Birds


The South, still in the midst of dominating the Hip Hop game, is taking over the NFL as well. ATL Falcons just clinched their division, and Micheal Vick is a bad, bad man.

Unfortunately the Falcons are a bad, good team. They beat all the shitty teams, and a few decent ones, but haven't (and probably won't) beat anybody that's really good. Not this year. Lucky for them, the NFC is so bad this year that they could easily make the NFC championship game, where they'll assuredly lose to the Eagles.

But who knows, maybe TO will pull out his dick and pee in a cheerleaders mouth to celebrate a touchdown, get suspended for the year, and leave the distracted Eagles vulnerable to an upset. It could happen.

Saturday, December 11, 2004


Fallujah in Pictures is just about the realest shit I've ever seen. Not for the squeamish.

Pledge Drive

It's Pledge Drive time here in NYC on Channel 13, the local PBS affiliate. 13 shows Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell's "Power of Myth" everytime Pledge Drive rolls around.
Great stuff. I have just been inspired to blow off my graduate school research proposal and follow my bliss down to the bar. Laters...

Friday, December 10, 2004

Tony Jaa

Ever gotten that Ong-Bak to your face and balls at the same time?

Fuck a Jet Li, Tony Jaa is the truth.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

New Futura

I got into the internet late compared to some folks, sometime around 95/96 in the computer labs at college. Back then, one of the websites that totally blew my mind was legendary graffiti writer/Mo Wax cover artist/all-around genius Futura 2000's It's a seemingly endless maze of blind links, rapid-fire animations, and non-sequiter text, and it seemed at the time to be utterly next-level and, in its random paths leading who knows where, a sort of poetic snapshot of the whole internet experience. Never mind the frustration of not being able to find any pics of those legendary abstract end-to-end burners...

What's funny is how antiquated so much of it looks today. It's still an interesting place to get lost for a while, but design-wise much of it looks pretty amatuerish.

That's all background to explain how excited I was to stumble across (whilst checking out this beautifully rendered pro-marijuana children's book...

Just A Plant
, to which Futura contributes) a new Futura site,

Upon initial inspection it's not quite as ambitious and sprawling as the original, but I'm digging the minimalist wargames aesthetic, and the disorienting randomness factor is still intact. Play around for a while, it's good blunted fun.

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