Sunday, August 28, 2005

A Dirty Shame

The new John Waters flick, A Dirty Shame, which due to its NC-17 rating didn't see theatrical release and was banned from Blockbuster, is a fucking riot; as slick as his more recent stuff, but just as filthy and outrageous as Pink Flamingos (noting of course, that nothing could ever be as filthy and outrageous as the talking sphinctor butthole dance*).

The casting is brilliant. Tracy Ullman is incredible, Selma Blair has the best fake fake-tits ever, Chris Isaac makes a great square, and even Johnny Knoxville is great as a beatific sex-addict. Mink Stole and the rest of Waters' regulars are top-notch as usual. Track this joint down or else we'll all know what a neuter you are.

B-More free with your sexualities y'all.

*If anybody has a clip of this, please share... oom-bow-bow-oom-ba-oom-bow-bow...

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