Friday, April 29, 2005


fi5e, whose brain does not work like other brains, has a blog. I'm glad he likes "jesus saves"

(and wish I'd been around to see that projected 100 feet tall,) that guy may be the most "up" writer in the city. He's everywhere, as this other video begins to show. I've often wondered whether there might be a team of Jesus freaks, somehow trained to exactly duplicate the letter styles, crawling and scrawling all over the city in the dark and cold.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


This should be fun.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

You Can't Stop Ron Mexico

You can only hope to contain him. Some worthless skeeze is suing Michael Vick for allegedly giving her Herpes. It's all pretty standard except for one minor detail; she accuses Vick of going by the alias "Ron Mexico" when, among other things, seeking treatment for his shameful simplex. After this pays this girl her hush money, he really ought to bust out a “Mexico” throwback. I’m sure Mitchell & Ness is already on the case.

I Miss[ed] You

S/FJ on Slint. I probably should have gone to one of those shows at Irving Plaza, but after the disappointing geekfest of the Mission of Burma reunion this summer at Coney Island, I was wary. Sasha confirms all my worst fears, but it sounds like I could have snuck out after the opening number and left fully satiated.

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